Working as a Pediatrician at big and international hospitals in Vietnam, although her career is developing, Dr. Dao Tho is determined to leave the hospital to fulfill her dream of helping mothers take care of their sick children without stress.

Portrait of Doctor Dao Tho - CEO & Founder of FICH 

As a mother with two young daughters, Dr. Dao Tho understands the worries, pressures, and stresses that mothers face when taking care of their children, especially when their children are sick. They can not sleep well, sometimes leading to stress because they can not find a solution and the situation lasts longer. With love for children, as well as the dream of helping mothers take care of sick children without stress, Dr. Dao Tho decided to leave the hospitals that she was extremely passionate about to establish FICH.

Sharing about this bold decision when switching from Doctor to CEO, Dr. Dao Tho said: ''Ever since I was a student, I have loved pediatrics, and secretly decided that after graduating I will pursuing my passion is taking care of the health of children. Therefore, I chosed to study pediatric practice in neonatology, emergency care, and pediatric diagnosis first, then study the Master of Pediatrics program. I believed that in the medical field, doctors have to be good at practice, to be good doctors, have to be devoted to patients, so I chose to work at biggest hospitals with pediatric departments, a variety of diseases, and public hospitals, establishments, international private hospitals, obstetrics hospitals with neonatal departments to general hospitals, from inpatient doctors to clinic doctors... Not only working at one hospital, on duty days , on my days off I worked for other hospitals and constantly studied and improved my knowledge to be strong in my profession''.

"Children are not miniature adults, diseases of children are very different from adults. Each family, each situation, each profession will have its own needs, but the common concern is: how to help your child recover quickly from illness, reduce re-examination, reduce serious illness, what is the reason for the illness, monitor What are children like when they are sick... Therefore, I aim to provide comprehensive care for the whole family, treat children's illnesses and at the same time help mothers no longer have stress and anxiety while taking care of their sick children. . That's also the reason why I meticulously look for products that are easy to use so children don't vomit when they drink them, items needed for sick children that mothers have to look for everywhere, taking care of every mother's feelings. , questions mothers ask every day... All are the motivation for me to create FICH Pharmacy and Care - A place with everything children need to prevent and treat diseases.''.

With the hope that the FICH pediatric chain will increasingly develop throughout the country's provinces and cities to help mothers take care of their children's health more easily, FICH Group's ecosystem of fields is methodically built, Dr. Dao Tho continues to make efforts to learn more "left-hand" professions. ", both running and studying the Master of Business Administration program of Andrews University USA, a cooperation program of Andrews University in Vietnam, taught 100% in English.

Dr Dao Tho and MBA K10 at Andrews University

Not only is he a doctor passionate about researching health care methods for children, Dr. Dao Tho also constantly studies to manage the ever-growing FICH International Pediatric System.
Not only is the Doctor passionate about researching health and "spiritual" care methods for mothers and children. A CEO who is always constantly studying to update knowledge about effective management and business operations, CEO & Founder of FICH has been and will continue to support Vietnamese mothers to understand their children's diseases better, helping Reduced re-examination of children with special procedures for doctors and other staff compiled by Dr. Dao Tho. Despite being so busy, Dr. Dao Tho still provides free online consultations to mothers across the country when they need them, and also provides free medical examinations for orphans at pagodas, with the hope of sharing some of her knowledge, loss of orphans.

Doctor Dao Tho always accompanies volunteer activities.

With experience as both a pediatrician, a CEO, and a mother, Dr. Dao Tho always gives special favor, love, and sympathy to mothers. Besides, the female CEO always has a positive, forgiving, and loving mindset, and is willing to listen to mothers' confidences to help them live healthier and happier lives.

Leaving the hospital - where I had been for many years, and had a certain position to start a business - was an extremely difficult decision for a female doctor, but with the dream of someone who was once a mother, a pediatrician wants to help mothers take care of their children to be healthier and happier, helping community and families proactively take care of their own health all difficulties are just challenges./.

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