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Cooperation signing ceremony between FICH International Pediatric Clinic and Saigon Gifted School

Recently, the signing ceremony of the program "Comprehensive health care and dentistry for special children" between Saigon Gifted School and FICH International Pediatric Clinic System took place in Ho Chi Minh City. Bright.

According to the cooperation agreement between the two parties, special children at Saigon Gifted School will receive "Comprehensive Health Care" by FICH International Pediatrics, specifically:

- Organize general health checkup every 6 months;

- Appoint a doctor to advise on health issues and examine and prescribe medicine for the Center's students when sick or ill;


- Immunization for all students of the Center, the dose, time and type of vaccine will be notified to parents in advance and done with the consent of the family;

- Establishing a health database at FICH System for doctors, families and the School to monitor and supervise the child's development, as well as intervene to designate timely treatment when necessary;

- 24/7 counseling and support for parents and the school when it is necessary to handle bad situations or assess the level of disease before making the decision to hospitalized or go to crowded places to limit risks. risk of infection;

- Training parents on how to handle some common situations related to children's health and special child care at home (HomeCare).

The program "Comprehensive health care" is a new step towards perfecting the center's educational program for Exceptional Children. The combination of pedagogy and health will build children with a good educational foundation and systematic physical development, a comprehensive care from family and society.

Pictures of the signing ceremony

The signing ceremony highly appreciated the cooperation between FICH International Pediatric Clinic System and Saigon Gifted School in improving children's health. Promote comprehensive physical and mental care activities for special children with the criterion "Safe schools, healthy children and students".


With the criterion of "Comprehensive health care", FICH International Pediatric Clinic System supports consultation and care for children 24/7. Support parents to care for children at home, organize seminars, training conferences on school health for teachers, school health staff and parents to better understand child care special.


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